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Review: I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Poppy is soon to be married but during a charity event, Poppy loses her emerald engagement ring which happens to be a family heirloom. To make matters worse, she also loses her phone! Fortunately, she finds a phone in the bin and goes for the steal. A phone in the bin means it's finder's keepers right? Poppy holds on to the phone number for her personal use so people can contact her if they find her ring. She soon finds out the phone belongs to a businessman's personal assistant and ends up promising to return the phone when her personal dilemma is over whilst forwarding (and reading) his business and personal messages in the meantime.

I've Got Your Number started in true Sophie Kinsella fashion - really funny and light but there was much more below the surface of the main characters and this was discovered as the book progressed. Poppy has a positive attitude but underneath her cheerfulness is an insecure and non-confrontational person. In comes Sam Roxton, a businessman who comes across rude but is anything but; he just doesn't express himself very well through emails! Poppy and Sam really complemented each other as Poppy takes on the role of his personal assistant (somewhat) and teaches him to be nicer to his colleagues, while Sam helps Poppy realise she is a great person and deserves someone whose family does not make her feel lesser.

I loved the funny and embarrassing situations Poppy got herself into. It was highly entertaining! Unfortunately, I didn't like the circumstances of the ending which lowered my final rating for the book. Overall, the book was a delightful romantic comedy and I can't wait to read more of Sophie's works.