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Book Haul: Scholastic Warehouse Sale, Sydney Olympic Park!

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Scholastic website:
Every year Scholastic holds children’s book sales across Australia. These sales offer from 50% to 90% off RRP:

Thousands of children’s titles
Novels and activity items
Picture and chapter books
Nonfiction books
Popular authors
Exciting series
I got an email notifying me of the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and I was excited with the idea of books 50% to 90% off RRP. I wasn't sure the sale would have many young adult books but I went with a hope there would be, seeing as in Australian bookstores and libraries, YA books are often classified under Children's books. My sister and I went to the warehouse sale event at the Sydney Olympic Park on the day the sale was open to the general public (teachers and educators get to purchase a day before). Apparently Scholastic schedules bi-annual sales here (one in April, One in November). We were at work 9am to 5pm that day, so we could only catch the last hour of sale (also factoring in the transport time) but we were not disappointed with our trip!

The location was packed with books on display shelves and boxes of books on tables and there was so many books to sort through and gems to find among the multiple copies of Hunger Games (there were like 3 different editions too!). The paperbacks were priced at $3 each and hardcovers $8. There was even a deal where you could grab a box and fill as much as you can and pay only $100 for it.

My sister and I exercised restraint to only get books we could see ourselves reading. Seeing as we hung out until the last 10 minutes before doors were to close, the checkout man asked only $30 for our whole haul (20 books) making it only $1.50 per book! We were literally screaming with joy after we paid and hauled our books home XD. We could have easily packed in a few more books had we known we would be getting a special price at the checkouts! Anyway, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next sale in November and we'll be sure to go crazier!