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Review: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dreamland follows Caitlin who's life in spirals into darkness after her sister runs away from home. Pressure is put on Caitlin to fill in the shoes her sister left behind after her parents are devastated to find her sister gone. Caitlin finds herself wanting to make her own path even if that means joining in cheerleading (something she hates, getting into a relationship with a dangerous guy and participating in drugs.

This book was a compelling and emotional read. I couldn't keep my tears in because of the Caitlin's terrible situation and anger at the person who caused her emotional and physical pain time and time again. I liked how Sarah wrote the last few chapters to show how the character dealt with what had happened to her. Often times, books skim over the recovery period and leave us with a few hopeful sentences but that wasn't the case for Dreamland.