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Review: Blood on my Hands by Todd Strasser (Thrillogy, #2)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Callie finds her Katherine's body and discovers that her friend has been murdered. Moments later her classmates flood around her and find her holding the weapon in her hand and snap photos of her to post and spread online. Callie decides to run because the photos all point to her being the murderer. She sets out to discover the real murderer whilst trying to avoid being recognised by the public and avoid capture by the authorities.

The book was great at being suspenseful, hopping between the time Callie is on the run and the past to develop a picture of who Katherine was and introduce the possible suspects. It did get a bit tedious hopping from one time to another as the story was quite slow to unfold. However, it was clever how the timelines converged and led to the eventual truth.

What I didn't enjoy was that Callie made stupid decisions but for some reason avoided being caught by the police for quite a while. It was particularly annoying as she built a case around who the possible murderer was without obtaining solid evidence and hoping to report her findings later to the authorities. I kept thinking that job would best be left for the experts! The longer she ran the more suspicious she became.

The twist at the end was really good. Blood on my Hands had a good mysterious atmosphere but parts of the story were unconvincing therefore it brought my rating down.