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Happy 101 Award ^_^

Monday, January 11, 2010

My first award from hmsgofita at Gofita's Pages. Thanks!

The rules:
List 10 things that make you happy.
Try and do at least one of them today.

1. Adding to my wishlist at the Book Depository
2. Quiet reading time (usually after midnight when everyone's sleeping!)
3. Eating Lychees
4. Watching Movie Trailers
5. Watching Kdramas
6. Eating Frozen pineapple rings
7. Eating Popcorn
8. Drinking Coca Cola
9. Being at the Cinemas
10. Receiving Parcels in the Mail

I'll pass the award to:
  • Who, what, when, where, why
  • Out of the Blue book reviews
  • Bloggin' bout books
  • Reading Nook
  • Reader Rabbit

    Nina said...

    Congrats with the lovley award!! :)

    Alessandra said...

    Thank you :)

    Lea said...

    Congrats on the award! Mmmm, popcorn sounds realllly good right now....


    Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

    Congrats on the award! Receiving parcels makes me happy too, hehe. :D

    Cherry said...

    Ah... congrats!! And have a happy day!!

    Lauren said...

    Congrats on your award. :)